Stop and Smell the Roses

So many different things come to mind when I read the thought on the picture above. God’s goodness to mankind can be described in innumerable ways.

But I’ve chosen to focus on the fact that the busyness of our lives often robs us of the chance to really stop and take a look at nature and the many benefits that God has provided through it.

The Bible says to occupy till he comes in Luke 19:13 and many of us have taken that to heart. We’re busy getting that top-notch education, landing that dream job, building a stellar career, buying the dream house and on it goes. Some of us leave home in the wee hours of the morning to beat the rush hour traffic and slowly crawl home long after the sun has set, only to begin the cycle again the next day.

Thankfully we serve a loving God who does not withhold the air that we breathe each day, or the Vitamin D we get from the sunshine just because we do not stop to acknowledge them.

Sadly however, we’re only cheating ourselves. Being in nature can do us good in so many ways.

It’s a natural stress reliever for one. Just taking a brisk walk in the crisp, early morning air can get us in the right frame of mind to face the day.

Or maybe you prefer a relaxing stroll after work as a way to de-stress from the day.

Even more importantly nature reminds us of God’s goodness. In the process of Creation, God ensured that every good thing that man would need to survive was in place before he created him. And what better way to be reminded of that goodness than spending some time in it?


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