Who else but God?

I mentioned something in a previous post that still resonates with me. Whose word are you more likely to trust?  The creator of a product or a user? I suppose it would depend on what information you were looking for.

If you were interested in finding out how to operate the product,  I can imagine that the word of the maker would be golden. But if you wanted to find out whether the product worked,  I suppose the word of someone who had actually used the product would be preferred.

In the same vein,  if you believe God to be the Creator of the world, why do we have difficulty following his instructional manual, The Bible? And if you prefer a testimonial, why not trust the words of his son, who showed us that we could live successfully by his father’s word?

Through his word God sets out the guidelines to help us live our best lives, yet we often ignore them and sometimes turn in the opposite direction of his leading.

I mean which of us would buy a shelf that required assembling but toss the instructions out the window before starting? Doesn’t sound like the actions of a person who wants to be successful at putting that shelf together,  does it?

But that’s what we often do; in our decision-making for example. We sometimes fail to consult God, or his instruction manual before jumping into something new.

And when things do not work out the way we plan, we blame God although we never consulted him in the first place.

Similarly, we sometimes feel like we’re stuck in a rut but what we don’t realize is that God is trying to prepare us for a promotion to the next level.

So we just need to hold on and trust him. He created us, therefore he knows what’s best for us.

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