It’s All in the Attitude

I am sure you’ve seen those “dreading Monday” photos. You know,  the ones that bemoan the fact that a new work week is here. Like this one…

Well I used to collect those and shared them with friends too; they often producing the desired effect – laughter and commiseration.

This was a favourite…

Then one day a thought crossed my mind. What am I actually spreading?

Instead of being happy that my life had been spared to see the start of a new week, or feeling blessed that I have a job to go to so that I could earn a living and meet my needs,  I was spreading a negative poison.

Does it mean that I can’t have a laugh if I come across one of those quotes/pictures?

Off course not.

But I can choose not to dwell on it to the point where I get depressed since midday Sunday (yes I’ve been there).

I can choose not to share it with friends because I do not know if I may be making a bad situation worse.

Either way,  I will be doing my friends a lot more good by sharing something that is positive and uplifting.

So…may your week be a blessed and productive one.

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