Early Morning Check-in

Have you ever checked in for your flight online or using one of those kiosks?

For someone like me who never seems to fit the criteria to do so, I always wonder about freedom that comes with doing so – walking around the airport unfettered and unburdened.

Well there is one Early-Morning-Check-In option that I qualify for and you can too.

It’s God’s Early-Morning-Check-In program.

Even better is the fact that we do not have to meet any special criteria – it is available to ALL.

There are many perks to signing up for this program.

As you thank Him for the gift of a new day and for the numerous blessings in your life, you can’t help but feel lighter – you’ll be full of gratefulness and thanksgiving.

When you commit your life and that of your family to Him, you can’t help but feel safe and secure come what may, knowing that God is looking out for your best interests.

Asking Him to look out for friends and family provides relief when you are too far away or unable to help in a tangible way.

Submitting your cares and concerns to Him feels amazing; to know that there is someone else shouldering your burdens.

If you don’t believe any of what I just wrote, there’s only ONE way to disprove me – try it for yourself.


Early morning




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