Thread of Connection

About 14 years ago I attended a workshop on writing for teachers of English. While I learned many helpful strategies that day, one in particular stood out. Teachers were urged to get their students to keep a thread of connection between their thesis statement (in the introduction) and their body paragraphs.

Furthermore, they  were encouraged to ensure that students maintained a thread of connection between their topic sentences and each supporting sentence within their body paragraphs. The purpose of this was to ensure cohesion in their writing.

And so it is with life.

In order to ensure that our lives have a sense of order and purpose, we are encouraged to keep connected to God. I’d be the first to admit that my connection to God wavers from time to time. Does yours?

It is very easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day – kids, work and other commitments.

Do we spend time connecting to God as soon as we wake up – before we get sucked into the day?

As we rush from one thing to another, do we offer short words of prayer?

When we have decisions to make, do we consult God and ask for his guidance?

As we drop our kids off to the sitter, school, summer activities, do we plea with God to keep them safe?

For a large chunk of my life I believed that talking to God meant that my knees had to hit the floor. But as I have gotten older, and have recognized God’s hands in my life, more and more I’ve come to view Him as a friend who’s got my back.

That means that I can talk to Him any time and as many times as I want to. This is how I can stay connected to Him.

When I consult Him during the day, that’s my thread of connection.

When I whisper a quick prayer for the safety of my daughter going on a trip, that’s a thread of connection.

When I beg for the strength to choose the healthy salad over the portion of hot, salty fries, that’s a thread of connection.

When I scream for the willpower not to flip the finger at the person who cut me off in traffic, that’s a thread of connection.

It does not matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may be, touching base with God in any way, shape or form IS A CONNECTION.

Some may scoff at the idea of a thread; many may consider it to be weak, insignificant.

But there are threads of many kinds.

Consider the intricate web spun by the spider’s thread. Consider the prey, who when wrapped in that thread, cannot escape.

My point – do not underestimate the power of the thread. When utilized over and over again, it secures your connection to God.

So as you go through today, give it a try. Endeavour to stay connected to God.

You can let me know how it goes.

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