Packrat Tendencies – Part 1

I have always been a packrat; as far back as I can remember.

I hated to throw things away.

That practice later evolved into collecting. I collected stamps, marbles, stones, candy wrappers (still have those) and more. Even my old notebooks from primary school would still be around if my mom hadn’t gotten rid of them when I went off to college.

Luckily I took my high school report card with me and I still have it to this day. Along with my “last day of school shirt”.

Sadly, I have not always made the best decision about what to keep.

The valentine candy I collected through my college years (not a fan of chocolate), I finally had to throw away because with years they began to crumble and eventually brought me an ant problem.

Wisdom prevailed eventually.

The Bible reminds me that the only thing I should be collecting is God’s word…in my heart.

Memorizing scriptures not only enhances my mental acuity, but it creates a storehouse that I can quickly access in times of need.

While it is nice to pull out my old high school report card and reminisce, it does nothing to help me.

However, when I run into situations I can’t handle, on life’s journey, I can quickly retrieve a promise from my collection that I can stand on.

If I choose to store useless things in my storehouse, like my valentine candy, it will only bring me trouble in the end.

So today, let us make wise choices about what we hold on to.

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