Packrat Tendencies – Part 2

In a previous post, I shared how I hated to throw things away. And while there are many reasons why people choose to hold on to certain things, I know that as I get older, I do it because of the memories attached to those items.

(I initially wrote “did” and had to change it back to the present tense. What can I say? I am a work in progress.)

The items are usually linked to defining moments in my life; some happy, some hurtful, but all life-altering in some way.

It took me a while however, to realize that I did not need to be holding on to the hurtful memories.

Sometimes we get hurt and we tuck that hurt away and appear to move on.

But ever so often we bring it out and replay the hurt in our minds; over and over.

This serves no other purpose than to bring us pain.

Just like I had to eventually get rid of major (useless) chunks of my “collection”, I had to throw out the negative baggage I was carrying around.

Nursing old wounds only results in festering sores that can eventually lead to sepsis if untreated and ultimately death.

Similarly, we are the only ones who suffer when we hold on to hurt, bitterness, hatred and an unforgiving spirit.

So don’t waste the time that I did.

Clean out your collection, and dump all the useless stuff that’s taking up valuable space.

You won’t regret it.

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