Stewardship: Our Bodies

In the book of First Corinthians in the New Testament, our bodies are equated to temples in which God’s spirit wants to dwell.

How many of us will be content to live in dirty home?

I am sure none of us would. Yet we expect God to be happy with the broken temples we present to Him.

The way we treat our bodies says a lot about the value we place on God’s property.

Yep! Our bodies are on loan to us…we are but stewards.

I’m not sure whether any of us would be happy with a housesitter that did everything possible to damage our home in our absence, ultimately devaluing it.

Similarly, when we fail to get adequate rest, proper nutrition, fresh air, sufficient exercise etc., we are damaging and devaluing that which God has entrusted to us.

We also shouldn’t be surprised when we fall sick and we are unable to function.

Instead, let us make the sonetimes-hard, but right choices when it comes to our health so that our bodies would be temples in which God’s spirit would be proud to dwell.

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