Stewardship: Our Planet

One of the first responsibilities entrusted to created man was the care of the planet. God created the world and man was given dominion over it.

Unfortunately, sin entered the world and the rest is history.

While I have recently seen stories of people around the world doing amazing things to try to keep their corner of the world thriving, we must admit that as a race we have really damaged the environment, and many of us haven’t considered the effect of our actions on our planet.

Consequently, we have made it very difficult for us to live healthy and productive lives.

In many places our diets suffer because of poor nutrition. The latter being a direct result of a lack of natural resources due to a malfunctioning ecosystem.

We know that God wants us to have the best possible environment in which to live, even in a world marred by sin.

Although we may not be able to control the thoughtless actions of some big businesses or the resulting consequences, my encouragement to all of us is to do what we can, wherever we are to take better care of our environment.

Plant a tree or two or three; recycle; refrain from littering; cut down our carbon footprint and let’s encourage others at home and at work to join us.

One day the Lord will return and will expect a report. What sort of account will you give?

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