Stewardship: His Word

Maybe the most important thing that God has entrusted us with is His Holy Word.

The question remains…what are we doing with it?

Two things to ponder:

1. Are we studying it and applying it to our daily lives, or are we ignoring it?

2. Are we telling others about it, or are we keeping it to ourselves?

From experience I can tell you that it is difficult to do 2 if you don’t do 1. Why?

What convinces you that a product is sound? The theories surrounding it, or the practical experiences people have had with it?

Similarly, if we fail to study God’s word and apply it to our lives, a domino effect ensues; our faith and prayer lives grow stagnant, resulting in a lack of testimonies which we can share with others.

Sure you can share the stories from the Bible, but imagine the effectiveness of your witness if you had your very own, personal experience with Jesus to share?

Remember, one day soon we will have to give account for our stewardship. What will your answer be?

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