A Minute Meditation – February 5, 2018

It is often said that people are betrayed most by those who are closest to them.

While it is a sad commentary on the state of human relationships, it is usually true.

It is not unusual for loyalty to be an expectation on our parts, particularly when we have a relationship with someone.

The thing is loyalty cannot be forced.

And inevitably the nature of the relationship is altered when that person lets us down.

On the other hand, God loves us unconditionally.

He doesn’t only “have our backs” if we are loyal to Him.

In fact, if we are honest we would admit that it is easier to stand up for God when things are going well or when everyone else is doing it.

The true test of our loyalty comes however when we stand up for God when it is not so popular to do so.

Or when we are going through a rough patch and we refuse to turn our backs on Him.

When the chips are down, we know that God is still loyal.

Shouldn’t we be the same?

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