Friend Footprint

You’ve seen those kitschy sayings about friendship, haven’t you?

The ones that say people come into and go out of your life for particular reasons?

Or there’s the one about every friendship teaches you a lesson.

To a certain extent, they are true.

But have you thought about the impact, influence or impression you are having on the lives of your friends?

If the friendship was to die for whatever reason, what will you be remembered for?

Are you a fair-weather friend? You know…only around when things are going well.

Or are you a thru-thick-n-thin friend? You can’t begin to understand what chemo feels like, but you will sit there and hold their hand?

Thankfully, Jesus wants to be our forever friend if we will have Him, and He can teach us to be the type of friend worth missing or preserving a relationship with.

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