A Minute Meditation – February 9, 2018

I have a flaw.

One of many, truth be told.

Sometimes I have difficulty accepting help.

That’s it? (You may be wondering.)


It seems simple enough, but I have actually ended up hurting people’s feelings or offending them for saying “That’s ok” or “No, thank you.”

While I thought I was being polite (and I really felt capable of completing the tasks), turns out I came across as impolite.

Until someone pointed it out to me, I was clueless.

I wonder whether we do not treat God in a similar way.

He offers us so much, yet we often prefer to say “That’s ok” or “No, thank you”.

He is always there, willing to help and just waiting for us to ask. But we tend to prefer to struggle on on our own. At least until we have absolutely no other choice.

Why do I reject help? I am not 100% sure, but something in my psyche triggers that automated response; so I had to be intentional about trying to overcome that.

In the same way, I am encouraging us to lean on God.

None of us would probably refuse free access to a millionaire’s account, right?

So why refuse free access to the Creator of all good things?

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