A Minute Meditation – February 8, 2018

“But mommy…”

I dread hearing that phrase. It immediately sucks all the patience out of me and irritation takes hold.

When I hear those words from my daughter, I know what is behind it – an unwillingness to obey.

Why can’t she just obey, I question. Seems simple enough from the parental point of view.

But tell me something, are we any different when it comes to God?

He has set out guidelines by which we should live our lives. However, we have come up with numerous versions of “But God…”

You don’t believe me? Take a close look at the condition of world and humanity today.

We rationalize this way and that – anything to get our way; and the result is chaos.

But even Jesus, when He was on Earth, obeyed His Father. He could have abandoned His mission – thrown in the towel.

But thankfully (for us) He did not.

We too should follow His example.

Just like I pray that my daughter would eventually realize that whenever I tell her to do or not do something it is because I have her best interests at heart, so too we should realize that God gave us these guidelines because He has our best interests at heart.

Like Jesus, let us ask God to help us surrender our will to Him today.

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