A Minute Meditation

You are probably familiar with the question “How can a person be a blessing to others?”

In fact, you probably have a quick list; answers at the ready.

But have you ever asked yourself “How can I be a blessing to others?”

But that’s the same thing, right?


The former is super-easy to answer. It doesn’t require any introspective thought.

The latter is quite personal and therefore not so easy to answer.

Think about it.

Have you really wondered how to, and planned to be a blessing to someone during the day?

Maybe you will give someone a compliment; share an encouraging word; pray for someone; donate to a worthy cause; give someone a lift; visit someone in the hospital; call someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Well…have you?

Actions speak louder than words.

It is easy to rattle off a list.

It is quite another to commit to doing something on that list.

This world can be pretty bleak at times. Let us touch someone else’s life in a meaningful way today.

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