A Minute Meditation – February 23, 2018

Living in a post-Category 5 hurricane state comes with its challenges.

From living for months on end without electricity and all its benefits to adjusting to sporadic telecommunication access.

The latter I’ve found to be my greatest challenge.

I remember how frustrating it was not being able to reach my family and friends in the days following the hurricane.

I was desperate to let them know that we were okay.

I would have done just about anything to make that connection, knowing from experience how painful it can be on the waiting end.

It makes me wonder just how desperate I am to keep the lines of communication open with God.

Am I willing to do just about anything to maintain that connection with Him – minute by minute, hour by hour?

I thank God that I do not need to rely on telecommunication companies to access Him. (I would be disappointed time and time again.)

Lucky for us, God is available 24/7 and the connection to Him is stable; the call never drops and there are no dead zones.

What a blessing!

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