A Minute Meditation – February 26, 2018

There are many things that will cause a mother to immediately flip to DefCon panic mode, but looking away from your child for seemingly seconds only to look back and find him or her missing is probably in the top 3.

I have never had that experience thankfully, but I have had some tense moments when my daughter did not arrive from school on time. The situation was further compounded by being unable to reach an adult to verify her whereabouts.

That feeling of helplessness can easily bring you to your knees. I could do nothing else but pray.

In the case of the former, the child’s attention is usually caught by some interesting-looking item and they wander away, totally oblivious to the reaction their defection would set off in their parent(s).

Similarly, when God misses us, it is through no fault of His. The distractions of this world draw our attention away so easily sometimes, that by the time we realize we are far away from God, we are taken aback.

As is the case with the wandering child, they usually end up bawling their eyes out once the distraction wears off and they realize their parent is nowhere in sight.

Sadly, we are not always as cognizant of our need for God once we have drifted away. But once we are, all we need to do is pray.

Luckily for us, we are told that like a good shepherd, God looks out for his stray sheep. While he doesn’t force us back into the fold, He is right there waiting with open arms, ready to welcome us home.

I am so grateful for our loving Saviour. Are you?

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  1. Reblogged this on The Reason I Rise and commented:
    Wanted to share this post by a friend. When we feel far from God it’s not He that moved away, we did.


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