A Minute Meditation – March 2, 2018

As a teacher of writing, my students don’t always get the process after going through it the first time.

I often need to re-teach and repeat the steps, providing ample opportunities for experimenting with them until they become comfortable using them.

While my students do not always appreciate my technique, they must have faith that their ultimate success is my goal.

Spiritually, many of us struggle with certain lessons that God is trying to teach us.

Usually we do not always appreciate nor understand His methods, but this is where our faith must kick in.

We go through experiences, repeatedly in some cases, and we ask God why.

Why am I here again?

Why am I going through this?

When will I get out of this place that I am in?

During this time the enemy does all he can to cause us to doubt and become discouraged.

Instead we have got to learn to trust God and his way of doing things.

He alone can see the end from the beginning, and He alone knows why it is critical that we learn these lessons.

Just as my students eventually agree that the process works and it finally makes sense to them, one day we too will understand what God was doing and why He allowed certain things to happen.

Meanwhile, we will just have to trust that He has our best interests at heart.

So the next time you are going through a difficult experience, ask instead, what lesson should I be learning from this?

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