A Minute Meditation – March 4, 2018

As much as we enjoy freebies, when it comes to making certain purchases, we look for value.

What makes something valuable?

One criterion for many of us is that considerable time, effort and energy has been expended on it.

We expect that the sculptor would have done all that was needed to make that vase the statement piece it is today;

We expect that the gold ring on display in that high-end store has been through the refiner’s fire and therefore will not turn our finger green.

We won’t settle for a print of an artist’s masterpiece as it is certainly not as valuable as the painting she/he initially labored over for months on end.

What about you?

Have you considered your value lately?

God certainly does.

We are precious to Him and that is why He is taking His time with us. He is allowing us to go through a process, knowing that we will be worth so much more when we come out on the other side.

Our value would have increased.

Many of us would probably choose to skip some of those refining experiences; but if we want to be worthy, if we want to inherit what is waiting for us, then with God’s help, we must endure.

So hang in there.

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