A Minute Meditation

When we see someone in uniform we expect certain characteristics or behaviour from them.

After all, they are representing the organization with which they are either employed or affiliated.

These organizations would have well-publicized standards; consequently the expectations would be justifiably high and the repurcussions for misrepresentation, serious.

So it is with us.

Those of us who claim to be followers of Christ have taken on His robe of righteousness.

The new garment He has provided us with, in exchange for our filthy rags, is spotless; clean; made to stand out in a world stained with sin.

As a result of our new uniform, we are easily identified.

What do others see when they look at me or you?

Can they tell that we are affiliated with Christ by our dress, our actions or our conversations?

Or does our duplicity leave them doubting our sincerity?

Think about it.

Are you wearing Christ’s uniform well?

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