A Minute Meditation

Did you ever do the water and oil experiment in school?

Maybe you had to mix them while preparing food.

How successful were you?

My experience was that it didn’t matter how long I stirred the mixture; the molecules swirled around each other, seemingly merging into a murky suspension, but once the metaphorical dust had settled, they immediately pulled apart;each to their own corner, like boxers ready to spar.

As Christians we are expected to be likewise.

Sure, we must live in the world, and all that that entails.

We will seek education, build houses, marry and start families for example.

But all of these activities should be based on our Christian principles and influenced by our association with God.

It may appear to the untrained eye that we are no different from anyone else, but upon close examination, it should be obvious that there is something unique about us.

We can learn a valuable lesson, about not losing our Christian identity while living in this world, from oil and water.

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