A Minute Meditation

Recently my daughter began to complain of a pain in her right eye. We did the usual home remedy of flushing her eye out with water but nothing helped.

In fact, it appeared to make matters worse. The irritant, instead of moving out, embedded itself in the upper part of her eye, underneath the lid.

The result was a weepy, blood-red, very-irritated eye and unhappy, pain-riddled child.

A visit to the ophthalmologist was in order.

It did not even take the doctor 30 minutes to determine that the culprit was a grain of sand, possibly left there from a recent trip to the beach.

What an awful end to an enjoyable experience.

So it can be with us. The tiny, seemingly-insignificant actions, behaviours and habits that we “enjoy” can lead to some painful situations that may or may not be easy to resolve.

Good sense would say that prevention is always better than a cure; so why not nip them in the bud and spare ourselves the inevitable suffering.

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