A Minute Meditation

Maybe you’re like me.

I’ve read promises in the Bible and I believe them. With all of my mind.

The “with all of my heart” part, I seem to be having trouble with.

What do I mean?

Say I’m about to get on an airplane. I entrust my life to God and pray for the best. I can’t actually do anything about what will happen. In other words, I have no choice but to trust God.

Now I think it’s a different matter if I need to purchase a part for my car, and I know that I have $100 budgeted but rumour has it that the part costs $300.

What do I do then?

I usually crunch numbers. I worry. Experience interrupted sleep. Crunch some more numbers then worry some more.

Somehow I fail to apply my belief that “God shall supply all my needs” to this situation. My “heart” tells me that I must be the one to take care of this problem.

After all, I reason, it is not a BIG thing like my health. Or I say, God has supplied me with a job where I can earn money to take care of my needs, so why bother Him with this?

And this is where I am WRONG and you probably are too.

God is interested in EVERY aspect of my life and of yours.

He reminds us that He will answer our prayers before we even finish uttering them. Yet we put limits on what God can and cannot do for us.

Upon receiving, and acting on, encouragement to put the matter to God, I was able to source the part for less than $100 before the end of that same day.

Friends, we are short-changing ourselves, cheating ourselves out of God’s blessings and we need to stop.

Let us begin to take Him at His Word today.

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