Contentment equals Great Gain

Contentment has been a difficult word for this work-in-progress Christian to wrap her mind around.

My struggle has taken the form of various questions over the years.

Does being content mean I have no need to strive? To better myself? To better my situation?

Should I just “be ok” with my “lot” in life? Does being content mean that I have “settled” for “less than” somehow?

For someone who believes that God has called and empowered me to be the best that I can be, attempting to answer these questions left me in turmoil.

But after years of searching, here’s what I have found:

Being content means setting goals, but not driving myself crazy on the path to achieving them. Maybe my situation calls for several, short-term goals spread over an extended period; as opposed to the costlier, time-consuming kinds that my single friends are able to set.

Being content means not comparing myself or my circumstances to that of others. My timeline is different from everyone else’s. Engaging in this destructive behavior only leads me to frustration.

Being content means blooming where I am planted for the duration of my time there.

Maybe my training is not being utilized on my current job.I can choose to be miserable, underperform, cheat myself out of a glowing reference and make my coworkers miserable; or I can do the best job I can so that when the opportunity presents itself, they would be sad to see me go.

Being content means that I am thankful for the things my spouse does to assist around the home, as opposed to feeling resentful that he doesn’t do the things that my friend’s spouse is doing.

Being content means being able to see God’s hand on my life in whatever season I may be in and in whatever situation I may be experiencing.

Being content means ditching the complaining attitude and replacing it with one of gratitude.

Like Paul, I want to be able to say that in whatever situation I am in, I am content.

What about you?

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