He Did, so I Do.

Over the years I have been asked many questions related to my faith and why I do or don’t do certain things.

Often my answer is prefaced with a smile, usually prompted by the starter to the question, “Are you allowed to…”

Many people see my belief as one rooted in restrictions and for a while, when I was younger, I saw it that way too.

Sure I was brought up hearing Bible stories and attending church. I learned the story of Christ’s death on the cross early on.

But it wasn’t until years later, and it was gradual, that the significance of Christ’s sacrifice was made personal to me.

I can’t think of anyone, and I am surrounded by loved ones, who would be willing to do what Christ did for me.

What awesome, amazing love!

Consequently, I can’t think of anything He could require of me that I would be unwilling to do.

Not that the decision would always be easy or even popular; but when I consider that He loved me and took it upon Himself to die for me, before I even existed, how else can I respond?

However, Christ does not force His gift on me; I have free will. I can choose to reject it or accept it.

So when folks ask whether I am allowed, I always answer, “Yes, I am. However, I choose not to because…”

Friend, we all have a choice to make. Christ made His years ago. What will yours be?

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