Try It!

Ever had a friend describe a new dish that he or she tried recently?

If they did a good job, you probably felt like you could almost taste it.

But you couldn’t; because you hadn’t actually tried the dish.

Similarly, I have a good friend who is a medical doctor. While in medical school, she often described different techniques she had learned or experiences she had had. As a result, I’ve become quite familiar with some of the medical jargon and procedures.

This however, hasn’t qualified me to be a practicing physician; because I did not attend medical school.

In the same way, I can listen to a million sermons, listen to thousands of testimonies and read hundreds of books about God, but none can give me a personal experience of God.

Unless I experience God in my life, for myself, then all I would have is hearsay.

I urge us today to get to know God on a personal level.

Only then can we tell someone else what He can do for them; because we would have experienced it ourselves.

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