Check Your Channel

A while back I decided to have a binge-reading day.

I downloaded light, mainly chick-lit books and proceeded to lie in bed going from one book to another.

Later on that day, I readied myself to write a devotional and my thoughts wouldn’t flow.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I had blocked the channel through which my God-given ideas flowed.

I couldn’t concentrate on what I needed to write because my mind was whirling with the useless things that I had read that day

Now am I saying that Christians can’t read any secular books? Of course not.

But we need to be cautious in the choices that we make.

What was the purpose of the books that I had read? They had done nothing to enhance my growth or development spiritually or otherwise.

Phillipines 4:8 reminds us to feed our minds with things that are pure, honorable, true, commendable and worthy of praise.

Just like a clogged pipe prevents water from flowing, if my mind is clogged with useless fluff, I am less likely to be aware of the Spirit’s prompting and thus I am unable to proceed with my purpose here on earth.

What about you?

Have you considered how your choice in entertainment affects your connection to God?

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