God Never Disappoints

Today I experienced a disappointing letdown. Someone did not respond to a situation in the manner in which I had expected them to.

It wasn’t that I’d put the person on a pedestal, far from it.

Nevertheless I’d elevated my hopes and raised my expectations.

Consequently, the negative response took me by surprise.

Upon reflection, I asked myself why.

Humankind is inherently flaw-filled. For that purpose we are urged to put our trust in God and not man.

Am I suggesting that we go around expecting the worst of people? Absolutely not.

But we can adjust our assumptions – trusting the outcome to God’s will.

Our myopic outlook does not allow us to see the big picture. It is how God designed things to ensure our dependence on Him.

But the choice is still ours.

Malachi 3:6 reminds us that God never changes. Therefore, He can never let us down.

Like the psalmist, let us say today “…I trust in you Lord.” (Psalm 31:14)

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