Who Do I Look Like?

Recently a friend remarked that my husband of fifteen years and I were starting to look alike.

“By beholding we become changed,” I responded, laughing.

But later I got to thinking. Am I beginning to “look” like my Heavenly Father?

Do I sound like Him when I speak?

Do my actions mimic His?

Does my behaviour reflect His nature?

Can people even tell that I am in a relationship with Him?

When I was younger and many pounds lighter, folks would always look at my then elongated face and tell me that I looked like my father.

Several pounds and years later, my rounded face is more reminiscent of my mom’s.

Still, I am proud to be associated with both of my parents and it pleases me when the connection is made.

Furthermore, I am still conscious of not bringing shame to my family because I have the utmost respect for my parents.

Is it the same when people point out that I am a Christian?

Am I proud to wear that label, to be associated with Christ?

Do I avoid behaviour that will sully His name?

Ask yourself the same questions.

If either of us answers no, then we’ve got to ask ourselves, whose image are we actually reflecting?

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