In Expectation

The Christian walk is one of implementation.

What do I mean?

We can read the Bible from cover to cover, but unless we apply the lessons to our lives or claim its promises, it’s simply a case of having read a good book.

Take for instance that I need money for something. I can pray about it. After all, the Bible encourages us to ask.

The question is do I actually expect God to provide it?

I know you’re probably thinking, well what was the point of praying.

Here’s the thing…sometimes we are not even aware that we lack the faith. We pray because we know that’s what we’re supposed to do. But in reality we are not actually expecting God to come through for us.

How do I know?

Because I continue to worry and stress about the non-existent money, even though I mention it every time I pray.

As Christians, we ought not to only talk the faith, we should live the faith.

Instead of stressing, I should place my trust and confidence in God and wait expectantly.

Why is this so important?

Well as Christians we look, with expectancy, for something better, after life on this earth has ceased to be.

This is what should keep us going…not just our beliefs, but our faith; the expectation that one day the Lord will come to claim his faithful followers.

It would be risky, dangerous even, to live as though the Lord is taking His time.

With expectancy comes preparedness, and if we believe that we have time, we may remain in an unprepared state, only to be caught unawares when the time does come.

Friend, we don’t want to take that chance. Let us keep the flame of expectant hope burning in our hearts and live our lives accordingly.

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