Please Pass the Salt

Ever had food without any salt? How did it taste?

Probably not very palatable.

Although salt tends to have a bad reputation, it has its uses and benefits. And I doubt Jesus would have chosen it as a metaphor if it was a bad thing; in Matthew 5:13 He tells us, “You are the salt of the earth.”

So, are you seasoning the lives of those around you?

Can they say that you’ve had an impact on their lives in some way?

Have you encouraged them during trying times?

Have you prayed on their behalf?

Have you stretched out a hand to help in times of need?

If you were to somehow be removed from their lives, will your absence be felt because they’d experienced God’s love through you?

Remember, the knowledge and experience of God’s love helps to make this unappetizing life palatable.

If we fail to introduce people to Him, then we are relegating them to boringly-bland lives – lives without Jesus.

Furthermore, unlike salt which should be used in moderation, you can never have too much of God.

In fact, the more of Him you experience, the better your life will be.

So let us do our part by giving others the opportunity to taste and see that God is good.

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