Critical Connection

Living without cable and the internet for seven months could make one a little desperate. I am not debating whether that state is healthy, just that it exists.

I know that I cannot be the only one who, upon realizing that the technicians had begun to restore service, began to look for signs. Signs that they were nearing my home.

How long, I wondered. Every day I watched and I waited, desperate for that connection.

When I finally got the call, I made sure that anything that would potentially be in the way of the technicians was removed; I was prepared.

Made me wonder, am I desperate to remain connected to God?

Am I keeping watch for the signs of His coming? Am I waiting, rather impatiently, for Him?

Am I living life in a state of readiness, prepared to meet Him?

If we feel that we cannot live without an internet connection, how much more should we feel the need for the one who gave us, and sustains, our lives?

Without Him we are useless, like a modem without a connection.

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  1. Karl Dawson says:

    I too will ponder my connectedness today.


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