Pearls in a Parking Lot (Pt. 1)

While running errands one day, I approached a parking lot. From my perspective, it appeared that most of the lots were filled, with the exception of a couple that were furthest from the building.

I swung in, anxious to claim one. Consequently, I took the first one I saw. Satisfied, I exited the car and proceeded to walk toward the building.

On my journey, to my surprise, I noticed a free space at the opposite end of the row I was in.

I briefly chastised myself; why hadn’t I kept on driving just a bit more?

As I approached the front of the building, I actually laughed out loud. There was a free parking space practically outside the door.

I couldn’t help but be struck by three things as I pulled the front door open. (2 & 3 are discussed in subsequent meditations.)

Number 1:

Had I taken a chance and driven further along the row, I would have secured a more favourable spot. But I missed out on it because I played it safe.

In the same way, how many times do I miss out on blessings because I refuse to take a risk?

God may have presented me with an opportunity, but I deferred, “I don’t think I can do that Lord. Try someone else”.

Will you, like me, resolve today to put your trust in God and leap when He asks you to?

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