Balancing Act

Being a Christian, I sometimes feel like a gymnast walking a tightrope or a balance beam.

Daily, I need to balance living in this world, but not being of it.

Daily, I struggle with giving in to my sinful nature versus adopting the character of Christ.

Here’s an example.

My Bible Study app recently informed me that I’d “connected with God’s word for 100 days” and my first response was “yayyy!” Then immediately, I felt guilty.

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing? What about the days you didn’t? Was every day a real connection or just a cursory glance through? These questions floated through my mind as I wondered whether I was being proud, or puffed up.

See what I mean about balance?

Then I decided, no.

Why shouldn’t I celebrate the milestone? I should be pleased with the progress I’ve made with Jesus’s help. It is not about celebrating self, but celebrating Him.

Why shouldn’t we rejoice at the milestones on our walk with God?

When we consider where He took us from to where we are now, why shouldn’t that make us happy?

It’s not being arrogant; it’s about having an attitude of gratitude for what God has accomplished in our lives.

The enemy would love us to focus on what we do wrong. If he can get us to ignore the goodness of God in our lives and fixate on our faults, he is happy.

Let’s not give him that satisfaction.

When we face challenges, recalling what God has already done for us strenthens our faith. Futhermore, we can encourage others by sharing our testimonies.

I am still a work in progress and so are you. Let us praise God that He is not finished with us yet.

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