The Gift – Part 1

When my daughter was much younger, she received a birthday card with money in it. I can still remember holding in my laughter at the look of utter disappointment on her face.

“This is it?” She asked disdainfully, holding the bill between her fingers.

She was crushed because she hadn’t received a toy. To her young mind the paper in her hand was of no value.

Are we like that?

We’ve been offered the greatest gift that anyone could ever bestow – the offer of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Yet we cast it aside as though it is of little worth. Our focus instead is on gaining the material things of this life on which we place great value.

It is not until we come to the life-changing realization that there is no hope in this world but in the saving grace of Jesus, that our eyes are opened to the significance of His gift.

Years later, it is amazing to see the radical difference in my daughter when she opens a card to find dollar bills. Her eyes light up at the possibilities – now she knows the value of the gift.

Friend, if you’re not there yet, I pray that you will be soon. That you will come to realize that your Heavenly Father thought the world of you so He gave the best of what He had – His son – to save you.

Will you accept His gift today?

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  1. Samanger says:

    Life lessons coming to life. Simply awesome!


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