The Scar – Part 2

Now that I’ve recognized the true story behind my scar, which version do I share whenever someone asks about it?

It seems really easy to fall into the “woe is me” mode whenever a friend enquires as to our state.

Maybe we feel that we will attract more sympathy that way.

I am not suggesting that I shouldn’t share what I’ve experienced; but the focus should be on how God got me through it.

For someone looking for a boost or an encouraging word, listening to my moaning and complaining is likely to cause them to sink further.

So what if you’re still going through the struggle, you may ask.

Then you relate how, day by day, God is right by your side. You relate how if it weren’t for Him that you don’t know how you would make it.

My daughter drew the perfect analogy for me, “The same way your white blood cells fought the bacteria, having the Holy Spirit in our hearts can help us to fight sin.”

Whether your struggle is physical or mental, it can be connected right back to the battle between good and evil – between God and the enemy.

And we all need to decide which side we will align ourselves with. Even better, we already know the outcome – God wins! That should make our decision much easier.

What a comfort to know that regardless of what you are facing today, God is fighting for you.

What better witness than to show someone how completely reliant on Him you are.

I believe everyone would be much better off with this version of the story, don’t you agree?

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