The Scar – Part 4

A week later, I am noticing that my scar is chipped; meaning the skin has sufficiently dried that areas are beginning to lift up.

Not being able to help myself, I start peeling it off. Soon fresh, pink skin is exposed.

I can’t help but feel like a snake shedding its skin.

Thankfully, when you’ve had an encounter with Jesus you have the opportunity to do just that.

You shed your old, sinful life for a new one in Christ.

My “brand new” skin is tender to the touch. The protective layer of epidermis has not yet formed.

In the same way, when we’ve made a decision to follow Christ, we can feel raw and exposed.

People may make fun of the idea of you turning over a new leaf, or the voice in your head taunts you with the guilt of past sins. Whether from external or internal forces, we are easily bruised.

However, just like my skin would eventually normalize with time and protective care, life in Christ will gradually become your norm once you take the necessary steps such as spending time in His Word and praying.

So hang in there!

What stands out now as an obvious scar will soon give way to evidence of new beginnings.

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