The Reward of Remaining

Life is one giant roller-coaster; one minute you’re up, the next you’re down. Sometimes, depending on where you are on the ride, you would give anything to get off.

The tough moments in life can make you feel that way at times. Sometimes you wonder, will this ever end? Sadly, ever so often, people without any hope make the decision to call it quits altogether.

Consider this though…most of the rewarding experiences in life involved highs and lows.

Although College Algebra threatened my sanity, I didn’t give up and went on to become a college graduate; while there’s always a student (or two) who will test my patience every year, I haven’t given up on teaching; even though I was petrified of parallel parking, I went on to get my driver’s license; and I can go on.

If you thought about it for a few minutes, you’ll probably be able to compile a list in no time too.

The point is, there is a reward to be gained if one remains; if one sticks to it; if one doesn’t give up.

It isn’t always easy; I dare say that it is rarely easy, particularly when faced with trying situations. But the following texts remind us why we should stay the course.

In John 15:7 (GNB) we read of a reward for those who remain in a relationship with God. Jesus says, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, then you will ask for anything you wish, and you will have it.”

Similarly, in Revelations 22:12 (CEV), Jesus reassures us, “I am coming soon! And when I come, I will reward everyone for what they have done.”

So when you are tempted to give up, to get off, to quit, ask God to give you the strength to keep going, to stay on, to finish the ride.

You won’t regret it.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thx for this timely reminder cause I’m about ready to jump off this roller coaster


  2. Michal Romney says:

    Glad I could help. I needed it too.


  3. John Eli says:

    That’s for the reminder and encouragement.


  4. John Eli says:

    Thanks… sorry. 😀


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