What’s not so Good about Grace?

Let’s face it, we modern Christians have it made. (At least in this hemisphere of the world.)

Nice, comfortable churches, fellowship lunches, a fundraiser to donate to ever so often, attendance at services maybe a couple of times per week. We’ve got it made!

We don’t need to sell our worldly possessions to sustain the gospel mission (Acts 4); we are not all living together, huddled in a few homes (Acts 2) and we haven’t been put in prison for our faith (Acts 4, 5).

All of the above were experienced by the early Christian church as outlined by the Apostle Luke in the book of Acts.

When they heard the witness of the apostles, the people gave up everything to advance what they felt strongly would be Jesus’s soon return.

I wonder whether we have such fervor.

After all, many of us have been hearing about Jesus’s return for as long as we’ve been alive. Our parents heard the same thing and our grand and great-grands did too.

Do we really live as though we expect Him back?

Some of us are so busy living under grace that we’ve become comfortable in our lifestyles.

Church can be nothing more to us than a building we go to once a week; where we may donate to the church’s mission trip or project and feel that we’ve done our part – from our comfort zone.

Folks, grace is not about comfort.

And Christ will return.

Image Credit to YouVersion Bible App

It is dangerous for us to interpret His delay as forgetfulness or laziness.

It would be a shame for this “delay” (which is nothing more than an opportunity for others to be saved, through our efforts) to be our downfall.

It would be a shame if we felt so comfortable living under grace that we forgot to truly live for Him; that we forgot to tell others of this life-saving grace – His undeserved mercy towards us and the availability of that same mercy to them.

It would be a shame if that grace didn’t do us any good after all.

Instead, let us embrace the opportunity to be mission-focused Christians; where we step out of our comfort zones and step into the lives of those who don’t know Christ.

Let us share with them what has been shared with us so that they too can look forward to Christ’s soon return.

Image credit to YouVersion Bible App

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  1. As I read today’s lesson my mind went along those same lines. We have to not only talk the talk but actually live/walk the talk. Do our lives represent what we say? Fellowshiping is not only at church but in our community as well. People will quicker listen to what we have to say when they see how much we care

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    1. Michal Romney says:

      True. I got the inspiration from that last verse in today’s lesson. We’ve become complacent.


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