Preaching or Living a Sermon

Image credit to YouVersion Bible App.

When this text came up as the “Verse of the Day” on my phone, it made me think.

First, I thought about its intended purpose – to remind us that God cares about every aspect of our lives and that we should leave our concerns at His feet – and I was reassured.

Often we spend so much time worrying without the ability to change anything; if only we spent more time trusting; how our faith would be strengthened! What witnesses we would be!

Just as quickly I thought about the reaction that someone, who doesn’t know the Lord yet, might have after reading this text.

Worse yet, I wondered what if that someone was homeless or struggling and approached some well-meaning Christian for help. But instead of receiving assistance, they got that text quoted to them.

Can you imagine what their response would be?

If we recall the example set by Jesus, He cared for people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual.

There’s an old saying “You’ll catch more flies with honey” which I believe applies here.

Think about it! How receptive are you to a sermon being preached when your belly is rumbling?

Now imagine the reaction of someone for whom you provided a hot meal, or clothing when they were most in need?

I can guarantee that it would be vastly different from the earlier one we’d thought about.

No one said that we had to go spending lots of money; if you’re baking or preparing a meal for your family, bake a couple of extra goodies, pack a carton or two of extra food. If you place yourself in the Lord’s hand He will guide you to someone who needs it.

When last have you gone through your closets? How about taking your gently-used clothes that no longer fit to the nearest shelter? Or put them in the trunk of your car. That way, they’re close at hand if you come upon someone in need.

Friends, we may be the only sermon someone will ever have a chance to see.

Yes, you read correctly.

Many of us sell ourselves short because we just aren’t able to do “big things” for the Lord.

We need to immediately banish that mindset!

Remember the widow’s mite (Mark 12:42-44)?

To us, these “little” things may be small seeds, but we can’t begin to imagine the bountiful harvest the Lord can reap through our seemingly-insignificant efforts.

So the next time you have a choice to either preach or live a sermon, choose the latter.

The person in need will appreciate the tangible expression of God’s love.

The preaching can come after.

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