Inspiration from an Unexpected Source

I couldn’t help but admire the grit of this little plant (pictured below).

It made me think:

1. I discovered it accidentally.
No one may notice the good that you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it. God sees!

2. It is growing in the shade of a long, deck chair.
Even if you are surrounded by dark days, with God’s help you can still flourish.

3. It is growing between rocks and in a mere spoonful of sand.
When you are rooted and grounded in God, it doesn’t matter who speaks ill of you, or who puts obstacles in your path. You can bloom where you are planted.

4. The plant is clueless of its inspirational effect on me.
You have no idea what impact you can have on someone just by living the life God has called you to. You may be the only sermon they ever see.

So live your best life and remember…

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