Inclination to Iniquity

Many of you might have seen a video floating around on social media that points out that we’ve been using a can opener incorrectly all these years.

Like me, you might have marveled at how something so simple could have eluded us.

Personally, I blame the lack of an instructional manual.

What is even more incredible however, is that although I had seen a similar video a couple of years ago, I continued to use the opener incorrectly.

In fact, when I saw this one recently, the knowledge hit me once again like a ton of bricks.

And guess what?

I am still using it incorrectly.

While you may shake your head at me, isn’t it like that with us and sin sometimes?

We’ve been brought to the realization of our sinful nature and our need for Christ.

Maybe we’ve gone so far as to determine to do differently.

Yet, we still sin.

Why is that?

It is in our DNA.

David reminds us, “For I was born a sinner – from the moment my mother conceived me.” Psalm 51:5 (NLT)

And in Romans 7:15 (NLT) Paul laments, “I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.”

Sin comes naturally to us. And the more we engage in it, the more deeply engrained it becomes.

So while we may listen to weekly sermons, or read the admonitions in the Bible daily, nothing will change for us unless we submit our will to God’s.

Similarly, I can watch that can opener video on an annual basis and smack my forehead every time, but I will continue to use it in the same-old, inefficient and incorrect way because using it that way comes naturally to me.

Unless I make a concerted effort to do otherwise (will probably need God’s help with that too), the knowledge I’ve gained will never be applied in my life.

Let it not be so with God’s Word.

We’ve been given an instruction manual. We have no excuse.

Let us apply what we’ve learnt to our lives.

With God’s help, let us break the horrible habit of sin.

P. S. Here’s a link to one of the many videos if you’re curious –

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  1. So umm what’s the correct way to use an opener? And no I not going search for the videos 😁

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    1. Michal Romney says:


  2. Mind blowing lol Now I’ll have to try it and see if it works as easily as he just showed


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