Rushing to be Ready

It had been a LONG two weeks and the time had FINALLY come.

My husband was coming home.

Days in advance, I had strategized and sketched out my plan for scaling my summit of housework.

I wanted to create an environment that was both welcoming and inviting. (After all, I had to compete with 2 weeks worth of professional housekeeping! LOL)

What I hadn’t counted on was the hectic week at work that drained any zeal I had for executing my plan.

I’ll rest today, I thought as I wearily climbed the steps the evening before. I’ll tackle it first thing in the morning, I promised myself.

I awoke early the next morning and soon got to work. Systematically, I moved from room to room polishing, sweeping, changing linens and mopping. I squeezed the broom into nooks and crannies, determined to win the war on dust (living in rooms filled with windows, on an island with minimal rainfall – you get the picture).

When my daughter awoke, she was drafted for service; like a drill sergeant, I called out the orders; hustle, hustle. It was a school morning after all.

A couple of hours later, as I was maneuvering the mop for the final time, it hit me.

I had been frantically trying to get my home in order for my husband’s imminent return. But am I doing the same for Christ’s? We’ve been told, “Behold, I come quickly…” Revelations 22:12 BSB

Having booked my husband’s flights, I was reasonably sure of his return that day. However, God hasn’t provided His return details except to tell us that He is coming back. “No one knows the day, nor the hour…” Matthew 24:36 CEV.

So what am I doing to prepare for His return?

He has given us a work to do. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 applies to all of us. “Go…”

So have I strategies in place for approaching this mission?

Or am I getting bogged down with all the cares of this world, that I keep putting it off? Surely, God will understand if I leave it for tomorrow, I may tell myself.

Does that ring a bell?

Unfortunately, tomorrow never seems to come.

Have I aligned myself with others who are of a similar mind? “For where two or three gather in my name there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 NIV

If so, are we working frantically to advance the cause of God? Are we telling others of His soon return?

Before I left my home that morning, I did a thorough spot-check. But when was the last time I’d conducted a thorough heart-check?

What about you?

Have I made a good-faith attempt to root out any hidden habits that keep bringing me down?

Have I asked God to brush those cobwebs of sin and shame from the crevices?

Could my prayer life use a good polishing?

Sure, it is wonderful to have my husband home again. But it will be grander still to greet my Lord and Saviour face to face one day; to lay my wreaths of thanksgiving at His nail-scarred feet and to gaze into His caring face.

While I missed my husband dreadfully, I could obviously survive his absence.

Could I say the same about Jesus?

Then for someone who claims to be anxiously awaiting Jesus’s return, seems like I ought to be busier, rushing to be ready for His return.

What about you?

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