He Calls and Equips

Many of us lack confidence from time to time.

Maybe you received some harsh criticism in the past that knocked your self -esteem down a notch; or possibly no one ever told you that you had done a good job;

Whatever the reason, you always feel like you come up short.

But that feeling of never-quite-good-enough is a trick of the enemy.

Time after time we read accounts in the Bible of people who felt they weren’t enough. And God had to set them straight.

Whom He calls, He equips.

Moses didn’t think he could speak before a king, but he did and look at what He was able to accomplish, not just for himself but many generations of Israelites.

Jeremiah thought he was too young, but God wasn’t having it.

Image credited to YouVersion Bible App

God provided each one of them with the skills that they needed to carry out His work.

He is willing to do the same thing today.

Many of us are in situations we don’t necessarily enjoy because we have not sought God’s guidance in our lives.

He has a plan for each one of us.

Image credited to YouVersion Bible App

Whenever you choose to enquire of God, He will reveal to you what that plan is. Then He will equip you to be able to fulfill that purpose once you are willing and ready.

We each have a choice to make.

God knows what He desires for us, but He doesn’t force us.

It is worth noting however that there are many benefits to be had when walking in God’s purpose.

God knew that not everyone would welcome Jeremiah and his message, but He promised to protect him, and He did.

Image credited to YouVersion Bible App

Everyone isn’t going to be happy about your choice to walk in God’s purpose. People may make fun of you, try to discredit you and even turn their backs on you.

But God has promised to strengthen you so that you’d be able to resist the emotional distress that tends to accompany those kinds of responses.

God won’t ask you to walk a path He has designed for you only to abandon you.

Image credited to YouVersion Bible App

We can be assured of that.

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