Unnecessarily Chilly

She awoke that morning, curled into the thin sheet that covered her. Oh, the weather had turned downright chilly and the cold seeped into her bones despite her attempts to stave it off.

As she emerged from her bed, her eyes collided with the comforter, piled pillow-high on the ironing board in the corner of her room.

She grimaced.

She’d taken the time to wash it yesterday, eagerly anticipating the warmth it would bring her that night; yet she’d failed to put it on the bed where she could make use of it.

She shook her head in annoyance at the thought that she had spent another night cold, when she did not have to.

We may shake our heads in wonderment at the woman’s actions or lack thereof; but are we any different?

God offers us everything we could possibly need, and we claim to be putting our trust in Him. But do we?

Do we really?

He probably shakes His head in amazement at us…at how we go about trying, and failing to solve our problems on our own when He stands waiting, arms outstretched.

How many times have we lain awake worrying, instead of giving the problem to God?

Why aren’t we snuggling into our security-blanket, confident that He will take care of us? Or have we relegated Him to the outskirts of our lives?

Well, we all have a choice to make. God doesn’t force Himself on us. He waits to be invited in.


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May God bless you!


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