Waiting is Worth it! Part 2

Many of us detest waiting.

Yes, I know. I’ve said it before. But it can be such a pain, I thought I’d repeat it twice.

I don’t like waiting. But sometimes I don’t have a choice.

So what do I do?

I can ruin my day and negatively affect others who come into contact with my stinkin thinking or I can deal with it.

What I’m looking at here is what to do when God says wait.

My conviction is that we should make the best of our current situation and allow God to use us where we are until He says differently.

If we dwell on the negative, what good will this do us?

Am I saying it will be easy? No!

But that’s where God comes in.

So let’s recap what some of the folks mentioned in Part 1 did while they waited.

Abraham was a witness to others. As he meandered through different places, he built altars and publicly professed his dependence on God. Strangers, as well as his own family, were left in no doubt as to who his sustainer was.

Daniel too was a witness to his faith. He even ended up in a lion’s den because of it. And God rewarded him. He rose through the ranks; was promoted above his counterparts; became the trusted adviser of kings. All this even though, he never returned to his beloved Jerusalem. But still he trusted God.

Joseph was another one who shone wherever he went. As a slave, he was put in charge of his master’s house; in prison he was elevated among the prisoners. Who would have blamed Joseph if he had given up on God, right? But he trusted in God’s plan for his life and in so doing saved the lives of his own family and countless others.

Hannah’s heart must have cracked a little each time her counterpart conceived and gave birth, but she kept on praying. And the thing that amazes me was that she gave up the one thing she’d prayed for so much, so grateful was she to God when He finally allowed her to conceive. What a lesson in faith!

Paul probably wondered why God wasn’t allowing him a straight journey to Rome, but that didn’t stop him from making multiple mission trips and taking the knowledge of God’s love to many nations while he waited.

When David killed the lion and the bear as a young shepherd, he would have never imagined that his humble beginning would eventually lead to him becoming king of Israel. But God rewarded his faithfulness and his waiting.

I can go on and on, but I think the point’s been made.

God has a plan for your life and for mine; wherever we are at the moment and whatever brought us here, we will continue to be here until God says otherwise.

I speak from experience when I say that sometimes you are desperate to get out of a situation, but God says wait. Oh that’s hard. Because we don’t understand why.

Job didn’t either. But he trusted God.

This is especially difficult when you’ve got a dream; one that you feel God has placed on your heart. And you’re itching to get out there and do! But doors keep being slammed in your face.

God says wait. When the time is right, He will open that door wide.

Maybe there’s something you need to do first, before your next move.

Maybe there’s a life to touch; a person to witness to by your faithfulness.

Maybe there’s a lesson you need to learn.

Maybe there are some skills you need to develop.

Maybe what seems now like a setback could be a setup for your next move.

Whatever the reason, you can allow God to use you while you wait.

Similarly, we are awaiting Christ’s return, and many feel that it’s taking forever.

But we are told that He is unwilling for anyone to die. (2 Peter 3:9) So that’s where we come in.

While we wait, we have a work to do. Tell others of God’s love and His imminent return. (Matthew 28:19)

So waiting does not equal idling.

Let’s be busy while we wait.


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May God bless you!


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