The Season of Giving – Day 1

If we take the time to read the Bible, we will find that it really is a manual by which to live our lives.

There are even guidelines about giving – something we can benefit from all year round.

So take a walk with me; over the next seven (7) days, we will explore what God has to say about giving.

Day 1 – Luke 6:38 GNB

“Give to others and God will give to you…The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”

In these economically-challenging times, some of us may struggle with this.

We may say, Lord, you know how tight things are. I barely have enough for myself or my family, how can I give to others?

But you can give. And I can give.

We tend to always equate giving with money. But there are lots of things that we can give.

A ride to a heavy-laden stranger; a hug to a grieving mother; an encouraging word to someone trying to make sense of an expected diagnosis;

We can also give of our time and our talents. Maybe you can volunteer a few hours with a charity or sing at the church concert.

While there are times when giving money is necessary, I am anxious to point out that we all have something to give.

Behind the act of giving is the consideration of someone other than yourself!

So whether it means baking a few extra loaves of bread to share with someone in need, or setting aside a day to help your neighbour clean their windows, it means that you were unselfish. You thought of someone else.

And that is like God.

Have you considered that selfishness is at the heart of the sin-mess we are in right now?

The enemy wanted to rule in heaven; he wanted to be in charge. It was all about him.

Not much different today when you consider the horrors of our world. Everyone is looking out for numero uno.

Thankfully, God is the total opposite.

When He looked down through time, He saw what man would do and He saw our need of a saviour. He considered our position and gave generously.

Why should we be any different?

If you are in a position to give finacially, that’s great. But don’t let that limit you.

Sometimes we find it easier to throw money at someone or something as it doesn’t necessitate making a connection with someone else.

But giving provides an opportunity to be personal; to connect with people. And what better season to do that than now?

So, won’t you consider giving to someone today?

Whatever you decide to give, God will more than generously restore.

Try it and see!


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May God bless you!


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