There is None…

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There is a reason that David, with all his foibles, was considered a ‘man after God’s own heart’ (1 Samuel 13:14; Acts 13:22). I encourage you to make some time to read 2 Samuel 7.

Meanwhile, here are three things we can take away from the chapter.

David had been king of Israel for a while and he was concerned that the Ark of God had no permanent dwelling place. In fact, it bothered him that he, a mortal man, lived in a palace while the ark resided in a tent. “Then the king said to the prophet Nathan, “Here I am living in a house built of cedar, but God’s Covenant Box is kept in a tent!”
2 Samuel 7:2 GNB

David felt that this was not good enough for the item representing God’s presence among His people. So he decided to build a temple for God.

1. What about us? What place does God have in our lives? Have we made room for Him at all? When we reflect on His bountiful blessings to us, is He given His rightful place of priority? Or do we relegate Him to the background?

Seriously! Does our life-giver, life-sustainer not deserve more prominence in our lives than a hurried prayer here and there or a couple of hours in a church once a week? We certainly expect a lot more from Him!

As the chapter unfolds, we find out that God had other plans. He sent His prophet to let David know that He recognized David’s desire, but it would be his son and not him who would build the temple.

Additionally, he pronounced a blessing on David’s descendants. “When you die and are buried with your ancestors, I will make one of your sons king and will keep his kingdom strong. He will be the one to build a temple for me, and I will make sure that his dynasty continues for ever.” 2 Samuel 7:12‭-‬13 GNB

David was awestruck. He was bowled over by God’s continued blessings to him and his family. He hurried to the tent where the ark resided and poured out his prayers of thanksgiving.

2. Are we like that? When God blesses us, especially when He goes above and beyond what we dare to hope for, do we rush to bring our praises and hearts brimming with gratitude to Him? Or do we take it for granted and carry on with our lives – business as usual?

Furthermore, what if we had spent considerable time and money on a gift for someone and all we got in return was disinterested nonchalance, how would we feel?

But God understands, right?

David acknowledged God for who He is, “How great you are, Sovereign LORD! There is none like you; we have always known that you alone are God.”
2 Samuel 7:22 GNB

3. Do we do that?

While there are religions who believe in multiple gods, in the realm of Christianity, there has only ever been one God.

But are we living like we know and believe that?

We may not be worshipping statues; yet, are we, by our actions, worshipping our homes, our cars, our partners, our careers or our children?

Who or what do we give first place in our lives? Or can we, like David, say that there is no other God?

Friends, David for all his mistakes, never failed to recognize God as the one on whom his life depended, “I have confidence in your strength; you are my refuge, O God.” Psalms 59:9 GNB

He knew that it was God who had seen the potential in him and who promoted him. “…I took you from looking after sheep in the fields and made you the ruler of my people Israel.” 2 Samuel 7:8 GNB.

So he gave God first place in his life.

Shouldn’t we do the same?

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