When God Says…

Years ago, when I lay on my parents’ verandah in Grenada, gazing up at the sky and wondering where life would take me, I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would be 432 miles north to an island about a quarter the size of my native land.

And it certainly wasn’t a straight flight to get here – literally and figuratively.

I can only imagine Abram’s initial thoughts when God told him to pack up and leave the life he’d always known, behind.

But Abram trusted God so he embraced the journey.

If God had told Joseph that the way to the governorship and eventually helping his family was through a pit, Mrs. Potiphar and prison, I wonder whether he’d have signed up.

But God didn’t give Joseph the heads-up, yet he decided to embrace the journey even though he couldn’t see where it was leading.

We may plan to go one way but the door closes in our faces. Instead of wrestling with the doorknob, why not look around to see where God is actually leading?

It all boils down to the root question: do we TRUST God?

If the answer is yes, then ask Him to help you to embrace the journey.

Do you believe Romans 8:28, “… all things work together for good to them that love the Lord..”?

If the answer is yes, then embrace the journey.

Remember, the detours and pitstops are all a part of it; just trust your GPS (God’s Positioning System)!!!

So the next time God says go, what will your answer be?

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  1. NRI Marriage Bureau says:

    well said


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