Tired but Tenacious

Am I the only one who had a tiring Thursday?

I started the day so well…but as time wound down, so did my energy levels. Some days just turn out to be harder than others.
Thankfully, God brought me through it.

The Christian race can be like that too.

Some days we’re on the mountain – things are good so we are praying, singing and studying the Word; other times an unexpected curveball – loss of a loved one, a frightening diagnosis or the end of a relationship – knocks us down into the valley.

But as the song, God of the Mountain reminds us, God is with us in the valley too.

Today, I found myself repeating the two texts highlighted below; begging for strength to make it through.

We’ve got to do the same in our Christian experience.

The enemy wants to keep us busy, weary or both. But God’s promises are sure.

Speak them over your life.

Claim the strength He has made available to us, in Jesus’s name.

Now some folks have been Christians for a long time, and others not so long. At the end, it won’t be about how long, but the fact that you endured; you persevered; you held on!

So today, you may be feeling tired, but hang in there!

Ask God for a double portion of His strength and hold on.

He won’t refuse you.

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  1. In the valley now and needed that reminder. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michal Romney says:

    Amen. Glad to hear.


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